Will my software & device drivers work on Windows 8


Windows 8 is next version of Windows operating system. Besides introducing new features, Windows 8 carry forward basic features of Windows 7 operating system. Windows 8 support touch gesture for Metro user interface, Internet Explorer 10, Apps and much more. Hardware requirements for Windows 8 are same as that of Windows 7 OS. But what about software requirements and compatibility?

Check software & device compatibility with Windows 8

Biggest concern while moving to new operating system is: Will my existing devices have driver software compatible with Windows 8 OS? Also, will my existing application software install and work on Windows 8 operating system? Fortunately, you can check for devices and applications software compatibility for Windows 8 on Microsoft’s dedicated website (also called Compatibility Center)

1. Open Compatibility Center for Windows 8 (as of now it is for Windows 8 beta also called Windows 8 Consumer Preview). Enter the name of the device or software program in the search box to check for compatibility.

2. If you get ‘check’ mark for specific device or program, then specific device or program will work on Windows 8 system. If there is incompatibility, you should see cross sign with details of device or program not being compatible.

Besides the search feature, you can browse through list of programs among various categories like PC gaming, communication, photo & video, security, business, home office, music & mp3, utilities, graphics & printing, enterprise applications, development tools, hobbies & personal improvement, kids & education.

You can also check through listing of various type of devices and gadgets like for camera & photos, mp3 & media players, printers & scanners, TV devices, communication devices, mouse & keyboard, other input devices, displays, networking, graphic cards, storage devices.

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