Capture screenshot image of games on PlayStation Vita


Do you want to capture screenshot photos during gameplay on your PlayStation Vita device? You can easily take screenshot images of games during play and applications using quick shortcut buttons. Once screenshots are captured, you can share them with your friends by emailing, posting them on Facebook and other social network websites. Capturing screenshot of specific areas of game and sharing them for sure can rise curiosity levels among other PS Vita users to try same game play portions.

Take screenshots during game play on PS Vita

1. First make sure, to capture screenshots your PS Vita system must have memory card inserted into the device for storing captured images. Press the PS button and the Start button at the same time to capture screenshot images. This shortcut should work during game play and using applications.

2. All captured screenshot images are saved in Photos section. Hence, you can open Photos section to view saved screenshot images that you have captured using shortcut buttons as explained in step 1 above.

This shortcut works with majority of games and applications on PlayStation Vita. Unfortunately, few apps and games do not allow screenshot capture through this method.

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