Find recent Google Chrome crash details


Is Google Chrome browser installed on your computer freezing, causing error and as a result crashing very often? This can happen due to number of reasons and best way to resolve this is by updating Google Chrome to latest version. Also important is to drill down on information as to when and while accessing which webpage did Google Chrome browser crash? Google Chrome store recent crash details which can be easily accessed and helps us conlude on reasons for Chrome crash.

Check latest crash reports of Google Chrome browser

1. Open Google Chrome browser, type chrome://crashes/ and press the Enter key. You should see detailed crash reports which may contain system information at the time of the crash. It may contain web page URLs or personal information depending on what was happening at the time of the crash.

2. However, if Crash Reporting is disabled – you will see message as in above screenshot. To resolve this, you need to enable crash reporting feature in Google Chrome browser on your computer. For this, click on Wrench icon at top right and then click Options.

Then select Under the Hood option on left side and then click to check “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google” option. Once this option is activated, you should able to see (only) future Chrome browser crash reports.

It is recommended to enable Crash Reporting option in Google Chrome browser installed on your computer. With this feature enabled, crash details are sent to Google for analyses to release bug fixes and Chrome updates to resolve possible crashing issue.

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