Stop auto opening of downloaded files in Google Chrome


By default, Google Chrome opens downloaded files automatically once the download process it complete. While this allows easy preview of downloaded files as a result of automatic launch and execution – it can also be a great security concern. For example, if a malicious file is downloaded in the background in Google Chrome – with this option enabled, that file will be executed without your knowledge and cause problem to the computer.

Enable ‘Clear auto opening settings’ in Google Chrome

If you tend to download lot of stuff from internet, it is advisable to enable ‘Clear auto opening settings’ option in Google Chrome browser and stop automatically opening of downloaded files.

1. Launch Google Chrome browser, click on Settings icon at top right and then click Options in the pop-down menu. This will open Chrome browser Settings screen.

2. Now click ‘under the hood’ option on the left sidebar to view more advanced settings. Scroll down and look for Downloads section.

3. In Downloads section, click ‘Clear auto-opening settings’ button under text “You have chosen to open certain file types automatically after downloading”.

This will disable the auto opening settings and will prevent opening of downloaded files automatically once file download is complete within Google Chrome browser. This is a must check option from preventing spread of malicious stuff as a result of automatically opening of files option enabled.

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