Turn off ‘Personal results’ on Google Search


Google Search just got more social, personal and customized with new ‘Personal Results’ feature. By default ‘Personal Results’ feature is enabled for all users using Google Search logged into their Google Accounts. With this new features, besides usual search results – Google will also display related content that you have shared with your friends on Google+ Plus, Picasa and other Google services.

‘Personal Results’ feature on Google website

‘Personal Results’ feature will be rolled out to all users in coming weeks. You will notice additional social stuff at top and right side of Google Search results pages. This may include related content like Google+ Plus posts, Picasa photos and other stuff you have shared with friends using various Google services.

These results will be private and personal to each users and will only display when using Google logged into your Google account. [Screenshot credit: Google Blog]

Disable & turn off ‘Personal Results’ Google feature

If you do not use Google+ Plus, Picasa and other Google services, then disabling ‘Personal Results’ feature is a wise decision. Also, with not much activity on Google Plus – there wont be much relevant information for display on results page in addition to usual search results.

1. Open Google.com website and sign into your Google account. Once logged in, click options button at top right and then click Search Settings option.

2. On Search Settings page, look for ‘Personal Results’ section: “Personal results help find relevant content that’s personalized to you, including content and connections that only you can see”.

Click to select and highlight “Do not use personal results’ option and then click Save button. From now on, personal results feature is disabled and you will see your usual search results without any social stuff from Google+ Plus, Picasa and Google services.

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