Shortcut to reopen websites of last Internet Explorer session


Did you accidentally close Internet Explorer web browser and lost all opened websites? You can easily restore and recover webpages opened in last (most recent) sessions of Internet Explorer. Using in-built feature of Internet Explorer browser, it will automatically open all webpages that you opened in last IE browsing session. There is even keyboard shortcut key besides the long haul manual method for restoring last Internet Explorer session.

Keyboard Shortcut to Restore last IE session

Say you closed Internet Explorer browser and now want to restore that previous session. Open Internet Explorer browser, press & hold ALT key and then press T and S keys – you should see all webpages start loading as they were in last browsing session of Internet Explorer.

Manual method to use restore last IE session feature

Open Internet Explorer browser, type about:tabs in the IE address bar and press the Enter key. You should see listing of webpages at the top.

Click ‘Reopen Last Session’ button at the bottom of page. This will restore and open webpages as browsed in last session of Internet Explorer. Quick and easy ways to re-open previous webpages – in an event when you close Internet Explorer web browser accidentally.

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