How to hide & remove Chat from Gmail inbox


Gtalk Chat feature is integrated with Gmail email services. As a result, chat window is displayed at bottom left part of Gmail inbox all the time. Chat box showing online and offline contacts can be distracting while you check email messages in Gmail inbox. Fortunately, there is setting to hide and completely remove chat feature from Gmail email inbox.

Temporarily hide Chat box in Gmail

Login into Gmail email account look for chat box at bottom left part of the inbox. Click on chat icon under the chat box, this will hide to chat box displayed at left pane of Gmail inbox.

You can click icon again to make chat box visible showing online and offline contacts. To remove chat box completely including chat icon, checkout the following procedure.

Turn Off & remove Chat box in Gmail account

1. Once you login into your Gmail account, click on Options icon at top right and then click Settings. Then click on Chat tab on the Settings page. Alternatively, you can directly open Chat Settings after logging into Gmail account.

2. Click to select Chat Off option at the top next to Chat section. Then click Save Changes button at the bottom. This will disable and remove chat box from your Gmail inbox. You can get back chat box anytime by selecting ‘Chat On’ option as seen above.

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