How to transfer files & documents to Kindle Fire


Besides accessing already available content on Kindle Fire, there is always need to transfer personal files and documents. You can easily transfer files and documents stored on your Windows PC or Mac computer to Kindle Fire device. For this you can use either physical transferring via USB cable or use email method using WiFi internet connection.

Use ‘Send to Kindle’ software on Windows PC

Windows users can install and use ‘Send to Kindle’ software for quick sending of files from Windows PC to Kindle devices. After the install, this software adds “Send to Kindle” option in right click context menu. You can simply right click any file and then click ‘Send to Kindle’ option for file transfer.

You can also send multiple files, just select multiple files and click ‘send to kindle’ option. This is a handy utility for Windows PC and Kindle users for quick sending of files to Kindle devices. Download Send to Kindle

Transfer files from PC to Kindle Fire via USB cable

1. Make sure you have USB cable (sold separately) to transfer files and documents from computer to Kindle Fire device. Connect the larger end of USB cable to USB port on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Connect the other smaller end to mini-usb port located at bottom of Kindle Fire.

2. Kindle Fire will be detected on Windows / Mac system like a USB pen drive in ‘My Computer’ window. Double click Kindle Fire icon to access its content. You should see lot of folders, now copy specific files into respective folders like Video, Music, Pictures.

3. Once the file transfer is complete, you need to safely remove Kindle Fire from computer. On Windows 8, 7 or Vista PC – right click on Kindle Fire icon and then click Eject option. While Windows XP users need to right click on the Safely remove hardware icon in the lower left-hand corner of the taskbar and follow the on-screen instructions to remove Kindle. Mac OSX users need to Control click on the Kindle device icon and choose Eject option.

Transfer documents via email using wifi connection

You can use email method to send files of specific file types. Kindle will use your wifi internet connection for files transfer to the e-mail address associated with your account at no charge.

1. First you need to know email address specific to your Kindle Fire device for transferring documents as email attachments. Tap on Settings icon on Kindle home screen and then tap ‘My Account’ option.

2. You should see your Kindle email ID in format listed. You can easily edit and change this email address. For this you need to open Manage your Kindle page and select Manage your Devices option. Change the email ID details and select update information option to save changes.

3. Once you have your email ID handy, compose email address with attached documents. Send email message for quick transfer of documents. You can also automatically convert PDF documents to Kindle format, just type Convert in subject line of email message before sending email.

You can attachment and send documents with either of following supported file types [via Kindle Help]:

– Documents: AZW, AZW1, TXT, MOBI (unprotected), PRC, DOC
– Audio supported within Music: AAC LC/LTP, HE-AACv1 (AAC+), HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+), AMR-NB (.3gp), AMR-WB (.3gp), MP3, MIDI, Ogg Vorbis (.ogg), PCM/WAVE (.wav)
– Images: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
– Video: H.263 (.3gp, .mp4), H264 AVC (.3gp, .mp4), MPEG 4 SP/ASP (.3gp), VP8 (.webm)

Publish date: Dec 32, 2011 – Updated on: Jan 15, 2012

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