How to change Text size on Kindle Fire


Kindle Fire tablet is ideal for reading ebooks at your own comfort. Every user has own liking of custom text style and font size for comfortable reading of text for long period of time. Kindle Fire tablet device provide pre-defined font style, size and appearance options. You can customize text size and appearance on Kindle Fire by selecting either of provided options.

Customize Text size & appearance on Kindle Fire

1. While reading ebook on Kindle Fire, tap the center of screen and then tap Text icon. Now you should see various text appearance options at the bottom of screen.

2. There are lot of options including font type size, line spacing, margins, color mode and so on. You can toggle between ‘font style’ and ‘typeface’ tabs to view more options for customizing text appearance on Kindle Fire.

There are 8 different font sizes and additional options to customize the appearance of text of your Kindle Fire. Please note, above settings will not change text size of menus and other screens on your Kindle FireĀ  – as text size appearance for them is fixed and cannot be modified by user.

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