How to turn On, Off & sleep Kindle Fire


Just got new Kindle Fire and now looking for way to kickstart using the device? Just like any other tablet device, Kindle Fire is very easy to use and get going. You can easily power ON the Kindle Fire device, put it to sleep mode when idle or turn it OFF when not required for use.

Turning ON Kindle Fire

To turn ON Kindle Fire tablet, press Power button on the device. You should get display on the screen, then swipe from right to left to start using Kindle Fire device.

As seen in above screenshot (via Kindle Guide), Power button is located at the bottom of the device (at right side of power cable connector).

Put Kindle Fire to sleep mode

You can put Kindle Fire to sleep mode while it is ON anytime. Just press and release the power button to activate sleep mode on Kindle Fire device.

Turn OFF & shut down Kindle Fire

To turn OFF Kindle Fire device, press and hold the power button till you see message on screen asking if you want to shut it down. If your Kindle Fire becomes unresponsive or hangs during usage, then you can perform cold shut down. For this press and hold power button for 20 seconds to shut down Kindle Fire device. Further, press Power button again to turn ON the device.

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