Add horizontal lines in Word document with shortcut


Horizontal lines can be added to text contained in Microsoft Word document for better organization. Ideally, one would keep clicking ribbon options to find and then add lines to Word document. In contrast, you can quickly add horizontal lines to Word file using easy keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcuts, you can add and insert different type of horizontal lines to Microsoft Office Word file.

Keyboard shortcut to insert horizontal lines in Word

1. Dashes ( — and Enter) Press dash key 3 times and then press the Enter key. This will add default horizontal line, which is used often.

2. Underscore ( _ _ _ and Enter) Press underscore key 3 times and then Enter key to insert horizontal line that is thicker than default horizontal line.

3. Asterisks (*** and Enter) Press asterisks key 3 times and then Enter key to insert thick dotted line to Word document file.

4. Equal (= = = and Enter) Pressing 3 times equal key and then Enter key will add double horizontal line to your Microsoft Word document.

5. Hash key (# # # and Enter) Press # hash key 3 times and Enter key once will add 3 layered horizontal line with very thick line in the middle.

6. Tildes (~ ~ ~ and Enter) You can add curved (wavy) horizontal line in Word document by pressing tilde key 3 times followed by pressing Enter key once.

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