Add Control Panel icon to Windows taskbar


Control Panel is very important part of your Windows computer. It provide access to tools and features to virtually configure and control every part of your Windows PC. Few users open Control Panel on regular basis to view, change and confirm on various settings through options in the Control Panel. You can make this routine quicker by adding Control Panel icon to Windows taskbar.

Pin & insert ‘Control Panel’ icon to Windows taskbar

With Control Panel icon always on Windows taskbar, you can click through quickly to open Control Panel window. This can be easily done in few clicks using following procedure.

1. On your Windows PC, click Start and then click Control Panel icon in the start menu. This will open Control Panel window with Control Panel icon now showing on the taskbar.

2. Right click on the Control Panel icon displayed on the taskbar and then click on ‘Pin this program to taskbar’. Now Control Panel icon is added to Windows taskbar. It will display even when you close Control Panel window.

You can easily remove Control Panel icon from the taskbar anytime as per requirement. Just right click on Control Panel icon and then click ‘unpin this program from taskbar’ option. Pinning Control Panel icon on taskbar provide quicker and faster access to the Control Panel window.

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