Enable Verbatim tool feature on Google Search


Besides the usual searches, sometimes we need to search for exact keywords or phrase on Google Search. For example: we use quotes for exact searching like “Is Bing better than Google”. If you want to perform exact keywords search without need to use advanced search operators like ” ” quotes, then use Verbatim tool feature on Google. With Verbatim tool Google will search using the exact keywords you typed and show more relevant results.

Verbatim tool feature on Google Search

1. Open Google Search and get started by searching for any keyword. Then look for options column on the left side. Click ‘More Search Tools’ option at the bottom of the left sidebar.

2. This will expand showing more options like: Sites with images, Related search and more. Click on Verbatim option at the bottom. This will enable Verbatim option for Google Search on your computer.

Now if you type and search for set of keywords – Google will attempt to show more direct results for typed keywords without showing you search keyword alternatives, spelling check, synonyms, similar terms and so on. This feature is very useful while searching for specific topics and set of keywords. Google will not provide any options to confuse you and instead show results that match exactly to your typed keywords.

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