Hide Windows 8 & 7 logo boot screen at startup


Windows has cute animation screen featuring Windows 7 (and 8) logo appearing at startup. Few users like to admire Windows startup screen while computer gets ready to boot to the desktop. Do you want to hide the Windows 7 logo startup screen? This can be easily done by modifying startup settings from msconfig System Configuration window.

Remove & hide Windows 7 startup screen animation

Once you hide Windows 7 startup screen, you will see black screen for few seconds as system boots to the desktop. Also, you may notice quicker booting (by one or two seconds) as a result of Windows boot screen not being displayed now.

1. Click on Start button, type msconfig and press the Enter key. This will open System Configuration window with tabs like General, Boot, Services, Startup and Tools.

2. Click on Boot tab at the top to view various boot options like safe boot, boot log, base video, os boot information and so on. Click to check (with tick) No GUI boot option.

3. Then click Apply and OK button. Restart (or reboot) your Windows PC, now you should see black screen instead of animated Windows 7 logo animated startup screen.

You can easily revert above change and make Windows 7 logo animated screen visible again – just click to uncheck ‘No GUI boot’ option (no tick) to restore original settings for startup animated screen.

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