Find recently saved or updated files on Windows


An average Windows user does not bother about default folder locations for saving new files. Also, while editing and saving new changes, we often over-look location of updated files on Windows computer. While there is a manual way of searching for specific files using filename – such procedure is very time consuming. Do you want to automatically find and view recently saved or updated files on your Windows PC?

Listing of latest saved & updated files on Windows

Fortunately, Windows has in-built search commands that lists latest files saved or updated by the user. Use either of following commands in Windows search box and get file listing as per requirement.

1. For files saved or updated today: click Start, type date:today and press the Enter key. You should see listing of files updated or saved today on your Windows PC.

2. Similarly, you can view files saved yesterday using date:yesterday command or files saved over period of one week using date:week command in the search box.

This for sure is handy search command to find and view recently updated (and saved) files on your Windows PC. On the search results page, you can view complete file name, folder location of the file, date of modification and file size. Also, you can double click on any file listing to open that file or document.

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