Enable high resolution HD themes in Gmail


Gmail has new look and design interface. Once you activate new look of Gmail, you also get to enjoy additional feature enhancement. One important addition is introduction of HD themes option. This allows you to render high definition theme designs to Gmail inbox interface. With excellent images taken from iStockphoto, HD themes are best suited for users accessing Gmail on high resolution monitor or LCD screens.

Activate & use HD themes in Gmail inbox

1. First step involves activating new look of Gmail. Once you login into Gmail, check for small pop-up window at bottom right with option to “Switch to the new look“.

2. Once new look Gmail is activated, click on Settings button at top right part. Then click on Themes option on the pop menu. This will open Themes page for your Gmail account.

3. Look for theme listing under HD themes section. It contains beautiful high resolution HD themes like wood, desk, beach, mountains, pebbles, oceans, planets, turf and much more.

4. Click on either theme option and go back to inbox for new look interface. With excellent background images, HD themes for sure makes overall Gmail inbox look more beautiful and appealing.

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