Where is cache & similar links on Google Search


Google keep making small changes to Google Search website interface for better usability. Traditionally, we are use to seeing Cached and Similar buttons under each webpage listing on Google Search results page. In newer Google Search interface, cached and similar button have been removed from default location. So, are you trying to find where are cached and similar buttons located on Google Search now?

Location of cached & similar button on Google Search

Google now has dedicated preview sidebar on the right. Cached and Similar button have been relocated to the right sidebar in new Google Search interface.

1. Open Google.com website and type any keyword to see few webpages listed on search results page. Hover mouse over any webpage listing and you should see right arrow button.

2. Now point mouse over right arrow to view thumbnail image preview of that webpage. Cached and Similar buttons should be visible below the webpage title and above thumbnail image preview of webpage.

Since majority of Google Search users do not bother to check cached or similar feature options, Google has decided to move them to preview sidebar. Besides retaining the functionality, this will de-clutter the default search results page resulting into neater browsing.

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