How to Poke friends on Facebook


Poke is a useful feature on Facebook to get instant attention of any Facebook friend. Poke can be used to say “Hello” and get quick attention of specific friend to start a possible conversation. You can only Poke Facebook users who are your friends. With new timeline profile format, way to Poke friends is now little different.

Poke friends from Timeline format of Facebook

1. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. Open Facebook profile of a friend to whom you want to poke. You can poke each friend one at a time.

2. Now click on button with drop down arrow next to “Message” at top right part of profile in timeline format. Then click on Poke option to finally send poke to that friend.

Manage Pokes & view Poke Suggestions

1. You can view all the received Pokes on a dedicated page in your Facebook profile. Click Pokes option under Apps section on left sidebar. If Pokes in not visible, click More button next to Apps to view Pokes option. Also, you can directly view Pokes at web address.

2. Pokes page displays listing of all received Pokes from various friends. Also, on right sidebar you can view listing of  “Pokes Suggestions“. It generally contain list of close friends with whom you have not interacted for a while now. Poke for sure is a useful feature to easily start conversation with any Facebook friend.

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