How to post blank or empty Facebook Status Update


Updating new status on Facebook is a routine for majority of users. We share thoughts in the form of text, picture and even videos. How about posting Facebook Status Update which shows nothing? By default, if you click Post button without typing anything in the status box – nothing will happen. However, using special code actually posts blank or empty status update to Facebook friends.

Method 1: Update blank status update on Facebook

1. Open website and login into your Facebook account. Then goto to Status update box at the top part and type @[0:0: ] in the status update box.


2. Then click Post button, you should immediately see blank status update on your Facebook profile visible to other Facebook users. If this is hard to remember, then checkout second method for the same.

Method 2: Post blank status update to Facebook friends

1. Just like step 1 above, once you login into Facebook account, click in the Status update box. Then press & hold the ALT key and type 0173 (using keypad on right side of keyboard, remember this!).

2. Click the Post button to update your Facebook status that display nothing – its blank! This is good for one off fun and trick with Facebook friends, after all Facebook is a place for fun – right?

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