Change default file download folder in Internet Explorer


By default all files downloaded in Internet Explorer 9 are saved at Users\username\Downloads folder location. Users downloading lot of files may not want to save all files in primary C drive partition. You may want to save files directly to a different drive partition (say D or E drive) on Windows computer while using Internet Explorer. This can be easily done by changing the default file download folder location in IE browser.

Modify file download folder location partition in IE

1. Launch Internet Explorer browser on your computer. Click Tools icon at top right part and then click View Downloads option. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + J keys to open View Downloads window.

2. On View Download window click Options button at bottom left part. This will open ‘Download Options’ pop-up box, where current default file download location is listed.

3. Click Browse button and select a different folder (on same or different drive partition) as default file download folder location for files being downloaded in Internet Explorer browser.

4. Click OK to close the box and confirm on changes of new file download location folder. From now on, all files downloaded in Internet Explorer are automatically saved in newly selected file download folder on your computer.

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