Mute audio in web browser like Chrome, IE, Firefox


By default, majority of us know the routine to control sound or audio level on Windows PC. Just go to Volume control icon on system tray to increase, decrease or turn off sound. However, when multiple applications are opened Рyou can change the sound level or even mute audio in specific application. For example, you can listen to songs in Windows Media Player but mute sound coming from Youtube video being played in Google Chrome browser.

Turn Off sound selectively in web browsers

1. Open web browser in which you want to mute or turn off sound completely. Once web browser (like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) window is opened, open and play any video (or playback any multimedia with audio in web browser).

2. Now right click on Volume icon and then click ‘Open Volume Mixer’ option. Look for programs listed under Applications on the Volume Mixer window.

3. For each application like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, you can drag the volume slider down to reduce volume, move up to increase volume or complete turn off sound by clicking mute button at the bottom.

Above will disable any sound from content being played in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser. To turn on and get back sound, you need to perform above steps again and then move the volume slider up for specific browser listed under Applications.

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