How to add Signature to emails in new Yahoo Mail


Do you want to add signature text at the end of each outgoing email message being sent from Yahoo Mail account? Instead of writing text like “Thanks and Regards” while writing individual emails, you can configure customized signature text which is added at the end of each email message. Yahoo Mail now has new design and interface and following is an easy procedure to find options to change signature text in Yahoo Mail.

Create Signature text & content in new Yahoo Mail

1. Login into your Yahoo Mail account. Once inbox is opened, goto Options > Mail Options at the top part of Yahoo Mail webpage. This will open Options tab on the screen.

2. Now click Signature option on left sidebar. Then click to check “Show a signature on all outgoing messages” option to activate Signature feature.

3. If you want to add Signature with rich formatting like custom text, images, smileys – then click Rich Text option at top right part of Signature box. Now you should see new toolbar with all signature formatting options.

4. Using formatting toolbar you can customize text, font, color, hyperlink text to your favorite website. You can also add images to your signature by clicking the last icon on the toolbar (though this option will be activated soon on new Yahoo Mail).

5. Once you add signature contents as per requirement, click Save Changes button at the top. Now every email message you send from Yahoo Mail account will have this signature text and contents at the end of the message.

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