How to take screenshot of website & save as image?


You can take screenshot of any website without installing any seperate software on your computer. Screenshot can be saved in any popular image format like JPG, GIF and PNG using Microsoft Paint.

1. Open website or URL in Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.

2. Switch to ‘Fullscreen’ mode by pressing F11 key for clean view. You can press F11 key again to return to normal view.

3. Press ‘PrintScreen SysRq’ key, located above ‘insert’ key or left of ‘Scroll lock’  key on right side of the keyboard.

Open Microsoft Paint

4. Click Start > Run, then type mspaint and click on OK. Alternatively, you can click Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint.

5. In MS Paint, click on ‘Edit’ menu and then click on ‘Paste’. Your screenshot will appear in MS Paint window.

Save the Screenshot

6. To save screenshot, click File > Save As. Select the location to save the screenshot in ‘My Documents’ or any other folder.

7. Enter any filename for the screenshot and select image format from dropdown box (select JPEG or PNG). Your website screenshot will be saved at the selected location.

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