Add or change Security Question of Live Hotmail


Security of an email account is very important as we share lot of personal information through email messages. If you are a Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) email user, make sure you configure security preferences including Security Question for the account. Security Question comes very handy while recovering for lost password or hacked Live Hotmail account.

Modify Security Question on Windows Live Hotmail

1. Open website and login into your Windows Live Mail or Hotmail account. Once you login successfully, click on Options > More Options at top right part of the webpage.

2. This will open Hotmail Options webpage. Look for “Managing your account” at the start. Click on “Account details (password, aliases, time zone)” option under this “Managing your account” section.

3. Now you should see basic Account Information on the Account Overview webpage. Look for “Question” option under the “Password reset information” section. Click Add or Change button next to Question to open “Change your question and secret answer” webpage.

Alternatively, you can directly open url for webpage to change security question.

4. Under “Your question and secret answer” section, select your question from drop down box among options like: mother’s birthplace, best childhood friend, name of first pet, favorite teacher, favorite historical person and so on.

5. Once question is selected, type answer as per your requirement (it should be minimum of 5 character and is not case sensitive). Click Save button to confirm changes.

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