Add new photos to old existing Albums on Facebook


Besides sharing latest status updates, uploading photos to Facebook account is an important activity for majority of users. Every minute lot of photos are uploaded on Facebook for sharing with online friends. You would have most likely uploaded new photos by creating new photo albums on your Facebook profile. Are you trying to figure out way to upload new photos to existing (old) photo albums?

Way to upload new images into old Facebook Albums

1. Once you login into Facebook account, click your profile name at top left part to open Profile page. Then click Photos section and My Uploads. Alternatively, you can use direct URL to open webpage containing your existing photo albums: (replace name with your Facebook username).

2. Photos section will listig of all existing photo albums previously created by you. Click to open Photo Album in which you want to upload and add new photos.

3. Once specific Photo Album is opened, click Add Photos button at top right part of the webpage. This will open Upload Photos pop-up box. Click select photos button and then select photos on your computer which should be uploaded to specific photo album.

So bottom line is, remember to open specific photo album before you click Add Photos button for new photo uploads. In this way, new photos will be automatically added to specific existing and old Photo Album. Easy, isn’t it?

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