Disable new Facebook ticker box & top bar changes


Facebook has introduced new changes to their website user interface by adding new features. A new updates ticker box has been added at top right side of Facebook website – it display latest comments, shares and likes from your Facebook friends. Also, elements on top navigation blue bar have been modified to some extent and the bar is now fixed (and floats) to top part of web browser even when you scroll down.

Revert & disable ticker box & bar changes on Facebook

Both these changes are annoying because of their floating aspect. Both top navigation bar and new updates ticker box stick to their position as you scroll up or down. Hence, majority of attention is lost on these and there is less loss of focus while checking out latest updates in middle column news stream. You can easily disable such changes using extensions and addons for web browser that you use.

1. Google Chrome extension can be used to keep top navigation bar fixed (like it was before) and not floating at top (like it is now with new feature introduction). Also, you can disable and hide new updates ticker box located at top right part, which is also floating as you scroll up or down.

Open your Google Chrome browser and install Unannoying Facebook Chrome extension. After install, refresh or reopen Facebook website. Top bar will be restored to fixed position and it will not float now. Also, updates ticker box will be removed.

2. Firefox, Safari, Opera browser user can install F.B Purity extension to get rid of new Facebook features. After install, look for FB Purity link at top middle part of Facebook website. This will open options page where you can click to check required option for removing specific new features of Facebook website. Alternatively, you can also use this userscript in web browser of your choice.

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