Disable, delete & pause Youtube videos viewing history


Youtube records and saved history of videos you watch on Youtube.com website when logged into your Google or Youtube account. You can view complete Youtube videos viewing history details under ‘My Viewing history’ section of your Youtube account. If you leave Youtube account in active logged state, then other users on the same PC can find out videos you have watched previously on Youtube website.

Pause & disable Youtube video history [new layout]

[Updated On Feb 21, 2012] For privacy reasons, it is advisable to delete history of Youtube videos you have viewed. New Youtube layout has added ‘Pause Search History’ feature. This allows you to disable future history recording of Youtube videos you playback. Also, you can easily delete previously watched video history from same settings screen.

1. Open My Search History page (youtube.com/my_search_history) on Youtube website. You get prompt to login if not already logged into your Youtube account. Alternatively, after login Click Video Manager button at top and then click ‘Search History’ button on left side to open My Search History page on Youtube.

2. On My Search History page, click on Pause Search History button. This will stop recording of history of Youtube videos being watched by you. You can easily clear old recorded history by clicking ‘Clear all search history’ button.

Clear Youtube video history [old layout]

[Published on Sept 08, 2011] 1. Goto Youtube.com website and login into your Youtube account. Once logged in, click ‘My Videos and Playlists’ option at the top left. Then click History tab of left sidebar. Alternatively, you can directly open Youtube history page (login is required).

2. To remove specific video from history listing, click to select that video and then click Remove button at the top. For more quicker and easier removal of all videos stored in video viewing history, click ‘Clear all viewing history’ button at the top. This will delete and clear video viewing history of Youtube videos (and you can not undo full history deletion action).

Once history is deleted, Youtube start saving more videos to the history section as you watch more videos on Youtube website. After period of time, you can perform above routine again to get rid of history details of videos in your Youtube account.

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