Can I view Gmail emails without internet connection


Gmail email account is very important for number internet users. We constantly check our Gmail account for new email messages, reply emails, compose new emails and so on. Sometimes internet is not available for certain period of timeĀ and we are not able to access Gmail account. Do you want to open and view Gmail account even when internet is disconnected temporarily?

‘Offline Google Mail’ app for Gmail without internet

Using “Offline Google Mail” app you can open Gmail emails even when no internet is available. This apps automatically downloads recent emails on your local computer. Besides viewing email messages, you can write reply, compose new emails – which are sent when internet connection is restored.

1. Open Google Chrome browser and then open Offline Google Mail app webpage available in Chrome Web Store. Click Add to Chrome to install this application. You will get prompt to login into Gmail account, if not already logged in.

2. Once App is installed, open new tab of Google Chrome browser. You will notice new ‘Offline Google Mail’ button under Apps, click it to open offline mode of Gmail.

3. First time users will get prompt screen, asking you to enable or disable the offline Gmail mode. Select “Allow Offline Mail’ option and click continue button.

Interface of offline Gmail is like that available for tablets. It is a two column structure with basic email viewing, composing and replying functionality. Labs and other advanced Gmail features are not available in offline Gmail interface. Ideally, Gmail will automatically download and make available a week of email messages (this may vary according to level of email activity). [via Gmail blog]

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