How to change Aspect Ratio of Powerpoint slideshow


Aspect Ratio setting of slide show being made in Microsoft PowerPoint (Office) 2007, 2010 program is very important. It is should set according to monitor display to be used for the final presentation. By default, PowerPoint has 4:3 Aspect Ratio settings. This can produce black vertical lines on either side, when presentation is viewed on widescreen display. So, if you are using widescreen display, chosing 16:9 aspect ratio is better to fill the entire screen space.

Change Aspect Ratio of slideshow in Microsoft Powerpoint

1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint program on your computer. Then open your presentation slide show in the application program. Then click Design tab at the top at ribbon menu in PowerPoint program.

2. In ‘Design’ tab, click Page Setup option (the first option on left side). This will open ‘Page Setup’ box will number of options like: slides sized for, width & height and orientation.

3. Click drop down box under “Slides sized for” and select different aspect ratio option. Like 16:9 for widescreen monitor display. Click OK to close settings box.

Please note, once you modify Aspect Ratio setting – preview your complete slide show. Text and images at some places might cut off due to change in aspect ratio. It is advisable to correct them before finalizing the overall presentation slide show.

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