How to change Font of full document in Microsoft Word


We do not bother about font formatting while quickly typing text to complete the entire document. Once the document writing is complete, you can easily customize and change font of the text in the entire document in few simple steps. Setting one font for whole document give it neat and professional look. So before you send document by email or hit the Print button, make sure you confirm on font for all the text in document.

Customize font of text in entire MS Word document

1. It is assumed, you already have completed writing Word document file opened in Microsoft Word (2007, 2010) program. Press Ctrl + A keys or goto Select > Select All under ‘Home’ tab. This will select all text in Word document.

2. Now under ‘Home’ tab click on Font drop down box. Select font of choice for text in the entire document. You can select different fonts one by one to preview the font rendering. Once you like specific font, select it from the font drop down box.

3. Once Font is selected, goto File > Save option. This will save Font changes made by you. Now your document will display text in selected font and for sure looks for neater and organized.

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