How to create my online profile page with photo


With so much on offer, more people are connecting to the internet to access content of their choice. Majority of us crave to have online identity but do not how and where to start. You can easily create online profile with own display photo, which can be for either public or private usage in the online world. There are number of services to setup free profile page with unique address on the internet.

Free services to make online profile information page

1. is a new free service for creating online profiles. It is getting very popular because of ease use and polished final results. You can get started by making free account at website. Just enter your email ID, select password and your profile URL like (replace myname with your name).

Once you login into dashboard, just upload your photo that you want display on the profile page. Add general information about yourself. You can display links of your Youtube, Twitter and Facebook accounts on your profile page. You can also view excellent profile pages created by other people using service at the bottom of the homepage.

2. Google+ Plus service from Google now showcase your Google profile in all new look. If you have a Gmail or Google account, just goto Google+ website and setup your profile. You can upload profile photo (and more photo albums), write information about you, associated weblinks and much more.

Once your Google+ profile is ready, you can share it with your friends. Besides creating profile, you can also use it for social networking with friends sharing information, videos and photos on Google+ Plus website.

3. Facebook profile can also become your online identity. Once you create free Facebook account, upload your profile photo and type in basic profile information like education, work, hobbies and so on.

Just like Google+ profile, you can share you Facebook profile with online friends and also interact with friends on Facebook website by sharing information, photos and much more.

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