How to identify & report fake Facebook profile


Facebook is a cool place to interact with friends online. While it is easy to identify family members and close friends on Facebook – what about other friend requests on Facebook? You can easily friend with people whom you know by looking at name on the Facebook profile or looking at Facebook profile photo for visual confirmation. This can not be taken account for friend requests from unknown people on Facebook, as anyone can create Facebook account and get started.

Characteristic features of fake Facebook profile

To be safe and secure in online world of Facebook, if you do not know specific person by his / her name or face – do not immediately add that person as friend on Facebook. Research about every incoming friend request and then only take decision to accept or reject friend request after looking at following aspects:

1. Check Profile name – Look at the display name on Facebook profile of incoming friend request. Fake profile usually use name of film celebrities or popular personalities around the world. If profile name resemble meaningless name like Bond 007, Rockstar roller etc – then profile could be fake. If profile name is meaningful – then try to recall, if you know person with such name.

2. Look at profile photo – Majority of fake profiles do not have any profile image uploaded and displayed. Fake profiles can also have photo of movie star or famous personalities. A girl with least of clothes is best image for a fake Facebook profile for more chances of making maximum friends on Facebook. So, be careful and look for these indicators.

3. Uploaded photo albums – Look at photos section of the profile wanting to be your friend. Usually fake profile do not have photo albums or they contain lot of albums with revealing photos of celebrities.

4. Have any common Friends – Look at friend list of the Facebook profile requesting to be your friend on Facebook. Do you have any common mutual friend with the requesting Facebook friend. Also, majority of fake profiles have huge number of friends and least wall posting activity.

5. Profile & wall information – Check for other profile information details displayed on Facebook profile wanting to be your friend. Fake profiles generally have meaningless and incomplete profile information. Also, there wall activity will be very high or very less posting same or similar type of content.

Procedure for reporting fake Facebook profile

After taking into account above pointers and other factors based on your subjective observation – if you conclude specific Facebook profile is fake and you do not want to be his / her friend, then following should be done.

1. Click on Report / Block person option at bottom part of left sidebar. This will open “Report and or block this person” box with lot of options.

2. You can click unfriend option ( will not be able to post on your Wall) or use block option (you won’t be able to see or contact each other on Facebook).

3. Also, you may report Profile for either of reason like: My friend is annoying me, This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake, Inappropriate Profile photo, Inappropriate wall post and My friend is harassing or bullying me.

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