Enable warning for closing multiple tabs in Internet Explorer


Like many other web browsers, Internet Explorer also support tabbed browsing. It means, you can open multiple tabs in the same window of Internet Explorer. This allows you to browse multiple websites (and webpages) within single IE window containing multiple tabs. At times, we want to close specific tab and click X cross button for the window – this results in closing of the IE window and all tabs opened within it.

Turn ON warning box for closing multiple tabs in IE

You can prevent closing of all tabs at once when window close button is clicked accidentally by enabling warning box for closing multiple tabs. When this option is activated, you will see warning pop-up box (as seen below) when closing window containing multiple tabs.

1. Open Internet Explorer browser on your computer. Click Options icon at top right part and then click Internet Options setting. This will open “Internet Options” window.

2. Look for Tabs section which reads “Change how webapges are displayed in tabs”. Click Settings button in the tabs section on the “Internet Options” window. This will open “Tabbed browsing settings”.

3. Click to check (with tick) “Warn me when closing multiple tabs” option. Then click OK button to close “Tabbed browsing settings” window. Again click OK button to close “Internet Options” window.

From now on, if you attempt to close window containing multiple tabs – you should see warning window informing about closing of all tabs if you proceed. Alternatively, you can select option to close only currently active tab.

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