Export Facebook friends Birthday dates


Birthday is an important occasion for every person. With so many friends and family members connected with you on Facebook – keeping update on upcoming birthday dates can be tough ask. Thankfully, Facebook provide special birthday section that allows you to view upcoming Facebook friends birthday – so that you do not miss on sending greeting on the birthday date. Besides viewing birthday listing, you can also save birthday information into local application for even easier tracking and viewing.

View Birthday dates of Facebook friends

1.Open your Facebook account by loging from facebook.com website. Once logged into Facebook account, look for Events option on the left sidebar.

2. On the Events page look for options at the bottom like: Past events, Birthdays and Export. Click on Birthdays option to open webpage showing listing of upcoming birthday dates of your Facebook friends.

Export & save Facebook friends Birthday dates

You can export and save Facebook friend’s birthday date information in other events management application programs like Apple iCal, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

1. Repeat above steps 1 and 2. Then click Export button located at the bottom of the webpage. This will open Export Events pop-up box.

2. Use URL displayed on the pop-up box to export birthday date information from Facebook and import into other events management applications like Google Calendar.

In this way, you can easily keep track of upcoming birthdays of Facebook friends – even without using Facebook once you have imported events data into a local events management application program.

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