Change double click mouse speed on Windows


For a new computer user, working with mouse for navigation requires some practise. Even for PC experts, different mouse speed settings can annoy like hell. Hence, mouse speed settings is very important for comfortable usage and navigation. In Windows, you can easily configure and customize various mouse settings including the double click mouse speed. With custom settings, every user can adjust them as per own requirement and comfort zone.

Adjust double click speed of Mouse on Windows PC

1. Click Start and then click on Control Panel option. This will open Control Panel window with lot of options. Click Mouse option to open window with Mouse settings.

2. In the Mouse settings window, under ‘Button’ tab check for middle section with title “Double-click Speed”. Move the slider forward to increase the speed or move slider backward to left to decrease the speed.

Once you make changes in the speed, double click on folder icon on the right side for testing. Make changes in the speed and double click to test – till you are comfortable with speed of double click on your Windows computer. Ideally, slider in the middle is best setting for double click mouse speed.

Besides double click speed, you can also customize and change mouse pointer speed. Click on ‘Pointer Options’ tab and then move speed slider for changing speed of mouse pointer as per requirement.

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