Turn Off Windows Defender program on Windows 7


Windows Defender software program comes pre-loaded along with Windows 7 operating system. It is a free security program from Microsoft that provide basic protection against spyware and potentially unwanted software. Since majority of Windows users install dedicated and more advanced security program from like of AVG, Mcafee, Norton and so on – disabling Windows Defender is a good option. Third party security software can take of system protection and you can turn off Windows Defender program to avoid any conflict.

Disable Windows Defender software on Windows 7

1. On your Windows 7 PC, click Start button. Type services.msc in search box and press the Enter key. This will open Service window with listing of all services for your Windows PC.

2. Scroll down the list and look for Windows Defender listing. Double click on it to open Windows Defender properties (local computer) box with number of tab options like: General, Log On, Recovery and Dependencies.

3. Select Disabled option next to Startup Type from the drop down box. Then click Apply and OK button. You will need to restart (or reboot) your Windows machine for changes to take effect.

From now on, Windows Defender program is disabled on your system and you can continue to use other more advanced security software for system protection. Also, you can enable back Windows Defender program anytime as per requirement from Windows Defender properties window (using procedure as explained above) by modifying startup type.

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