Disable thumbnail preview of files in Windows Explorer


Do you want to get rid of photo thumbnail preview of files being displayed in Windows Explorer and other folders? Windows 7 operating system automatically generate small thumbnail photos for purpose of visual preview for files. Lot of processing time is used while generating and re-generating thumbnail image preview of files. Disabling thumbnail preview of files also speed up computer loading as no processor time is taken to create thumbnail photos.

Change file preview mode to without thumbnails

1. Press Win + E keys to open Windows explorer and then browse to any folder showing thumbnail preview of files contained in it.

2. Look for drop down arrow at top right part. Click on it to change view mode to either option: small icons, list and details. In these modes, photo thumbnail preview of files in not shown.

Turn off thumbnails preview option on Windows

Thumbnail preview of files is displayed in: extra large icons, large icons, medium icons, tiles and content modes. By modifying following Windows setting, you can disable display of photo preview of files even in these view modes.

1. In opened folder window, click Organize button at top left side. Then click on ‘Folder and Search options’ in drop menu. This will open Folder Options box on your computer.

2. Click on View tab at the top of Folder Options box.¬† Then click to check (with tick) “Always show icons, never thumbnails” option under “Files and Folders’ section.

3. Then click Apply and OK button. From now on, Windows will not display photo thumbnail preview of files in Explorer or folder windows. Besides hiding the preview of files, it speeds up folder loading making Windows PC faster.

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