See newest & oldest email messages in Gmail


If you have lot of email messages in inbox of your Gmail account, browsing to specific older message can be a tough task. By default, newest or latest email messages are displayed in inbox when you login into your Gmail account. Do you want to do the reverse and see the oldest email messages contained in your Gmail email account?

View very old or latest email messages in Gmail

Gmail design has undergone makeover with introduction of new features and options. Now you can easily switch to view latest or oldest email messages in Gmail with a click of a button.

1. Login into your Gmail account. After successful login, inbox will display newest email messages in your Gmail inbox by default.

2. Click on 1-50 of 1401 button (you will have different number according to existing number of email messages). Then click Oldest button to load inbox showing oldest email messages. To view more older message, click back arrow button at the top right part.

If you want to go back to newest or newer email messages inbox view, click Newest option (as seen in screenshot). In this way, you can toggle between old and new messages easily in few simple clicks. Now digging up old vintage emails should not be difficult, what say?

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