How to wrap text around image in Word document


Ideally, if you add an image into Microsoft Word document file with existing text – it will be aligned separately that textual content. To make whole content of image and text more aligned, you can wrap text around inserted image. In Microsoft Word program, you can easily show text around photo display. This makes whole document look more complete and aligned.

Use ‘Wrap Text’ option in Microsoft Office Word

1. Launch Microsoft Word application program. Then open existing Word document or start creating new document. Type some text, then insert required photo into the document. By default, the alignment of the inserted image will be like as shown in screenshot below.

2. To wrap text, click on the inserted image and then click Picture Tools (Format) option. You should see new set of options for modifying image and text alignment on the ribbon menu.

3. Click Wrap text option and then click Square option. You can experiment further with text wrapping around image by using options like tight, through, behind text and so on.

As seen in above screenshot, text is more aligned and beautifully wrapped around the inserted image. This is more refined and neat way to create documents containing small images and text content.

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