Bookmark & save specific email message URL in Gmail


Generally, we bookmark webpages and weblinks in a web browser for quicker access and opening of websites. Do you know, you can do same for specific email messages in your Gmail inbox? Gmail allows you to bookmark and save unique URL of specific email message. Once bookmarked, you can open specific email message directly by clicking bookmarked URL link without jumping around in Gmail inbox.

Add bookmark of specific Gmail email message

Ideally, you will login and goto default Gmail inbox. Then start searching and click to open specific email message as per requirement. If you often open specific email message, you can simply bookmark it using following procedure. Once bookmarked, click on that saved link, login into Gmail and see specific email message opened by default.

1. Login into your Gmail account and open the inbox window. Then click to open specific email message that you want to bookmark.

2. Once you open the specific email message: To bookmark click Star button at top right part of the web browser and then follow on-screen steps depending on your browser type.

Google Chrome users can click Star button and then click Done button to bookmark opened email message of your Gmail inbox. While Internet Explorer users can click Star button, click on ‘Add to Favorites’ and then click Add button in the pop-up box.

This for sure is handy way to bookmark specific email messages so that it can be opened more quickly and easily anytime without having to jump around Gmail inbox and make multiple clicks.

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  1. This is NOT saving a link to a specific email. Only to a search for an email. Google already has a facility for saving searches. Google removed the ability to get an email ID a few years back(?). They have some reason to restrict the ability to fully manage your emails. I still have some saved ones and they do carry the ID in the url. And they still work. One can get the ID but it takes a lot of programming work and Google has changed the underlying attributes to break this several times in the past.

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