Show less or more email messages in Gmail inbox


By default, Gmail shows 50 email messages per page in the inbox window. You can increase the number of email conversations listed in Gmail inbox from 50 to 100 messages per page. Also, you can reduce number of messages displayed per page from 50 to 25, 15 and even 10 messages. If you do not receive too many emails, you can switch to 25 or 10 messages per page for easy checking of emails and faster loading of Gmail inbox.

Gmail: Change number of email conversations per page

1. Open Gmail login URL and then enter your login details to open your Gmail inbox. By default, it will show 50 messages in the default inbox window. You can confirm this by checking out 1-50 of 1000 listing at bottom right part of the inbox.

2. Click on Settings icon at top right and then click Mail Settings option. This will open Gmail settings page with ‘General’ tab highlighted. Then check for “Maximum page size” option.

3. From the drop down box, select number of message conversations per page among: 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 options. Once you select required option, click Save Changes button at the bottom.

Your Gmail inbox will refresh and will now show lesser or more message conversations per page depending on the option selected by you. If you receive lot of email messages, you can switch to 100 messages per page. If you get fewer emails, the you may switch to 10, 15 or 25 messages per page. Pick your option!

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