Enable or disable PopUp Blocker in IE7


PopUp blocker is a very handy feature in Internet Explorer7 to block those nasty advertisement pop-ups while you browse your favorite websites. You can easily enable this option and prevent any pop-up to appear as you surf  the internet.

1. Open Internet Explorer7.
2. Click on ‘Tool’ menu option > ‘Pop-up Blocker’ option.
3. Click on ‘Turn On Pop-up Blocker’ option. If your Pop-Up blocker is already ON, then you will see option ‘Turn Off Pop-up Blocker’ option.

There is also option for ‘Pop-up Blocker Settings’ under ON/OFF option to further customize settings. You can enable sound and popping of information bar. You can also add list of websites that should show pop-ups even when Pop-up blocker is enabled.

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