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Google Image Search is a useful service from Google for finding images of your choice. You can type keyword and view relevant image results. Besides the default image searching, it offer number of options to customize your image search results. We have already seen how to find latest photos on Google Image Search. Now you can also search and find photos by specific country region.

Find images by country on Google Image Search

1. Open Google Image Search website on your computer and then click Advanced Image Search option. Alternatively, you can directly open Image Search options webpage to access various settings.

2. On the Advanced Image Search settings webpage, scroll down and look for “Region” option. Click to select country of your choice from the drop down box. Majority of World countries are listed alphabetically.

3. Then enter keyword for searching photos in the box at the top and press the Enter key. Google Images Search will display photos relevant to specified keyword for the selected country.

You can go back to Advanced Image Search settings webpage to select different country and start searching afresh. This is a handy feature addition to Google Images Search to get more relevant image results based on different region and country.

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