Shortcut to Search photos & videos on Twitter


Do you know support easy keyboard shortcuts to find photos and videos? You can easily search for photos and videos for specific keyword on website using keyboard shortcut hotkeys. So, if you want to checkout real time photos and videos being shared and posted by Twitter users related to specific topic (or hastag) – you can get going using following keyboard shotcut hotkeys.

keyboard Shortcuts to find photos & videos on Twitter

1. Open and login into your Twitter account. Once you are successfully logged into your Twitter account, you can use shortcuts keys.

2. To find photos press sp keys (stands for Search Photos). This will display a pop-up box, type keyword for photo searching and press the Enter key. You should see photo search results in neatly arranged format.

3. To find videos press sv keys (stands for Search videos). A pop-up box will appear, type keyword for searching specific videos being shared by Twitter users. You should see video search results in neatly organized format.

Above keyboard shortcut keys are easy to remember. Hence you can search for photos and videos without too much trouble on website quickly.

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