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Gmail is hugely popular free web based email service from Google. It is simple, flexible and very easy to use for sending and receiving email messages. Also, with your existing Gmail account you can access other Google services like Google Reader, Docs, Google+, Youtube and so on. Ideally, you will open website URL to homepage of Gmail email service. If you cannot open Gmail login page, checkout following options and tips to get going. This may help you fix few Gmail login problems.

Alternative Gmail login webpage URLs

1. Default Gmail login URL is or you can use secured version URL. Ideally, the default URL should redirect to secured version of url.

2. Alternative Gmail login URL at is URL. For secured version change http to https in the login URL.

3. Old Gmail login URL is and this will redirect to new URL format for Gmail login.

4. Basic HTML Gmail version login is URL. In this format, email messages load very quickly in minimalistic interface.

5. Mobile version of Gmail login is URL. It will show Gmail contents as displayed on mobile devices.

6. iGoogle service to read Gmail emails can be accessed at URL. You can customize the content displayed on the iGoogle homepage by editing different widget boxes.

If you facing issue opening and accessing your Gmail email account, then you can use either of above URL to login into Gmail account. Above is list of  most used Gmail login URLs for accessing Gmail account contents.

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