Make Gmail layout like Outlook with multiple columns


Outlook and Windows Live Hotmail show emails in multiple column layout format. This allows user to view email message list in one column and contents of specific email in other column. This layout is more convenient as there is no need to refresh and jump between webpages as you check email messages. Now you get similar Outlook and Windows Live Hotmail like layout in Gmail email account.

Preview Panes: Outlook, Hotmail like layout in Gmail

1. Goto to login into your Gmail account. Click circular icon at top right and then click Mail Settings option. This will open Gmail Settings webpage.

2. Click on Labs tab at the top to open page with title “Gmail Labs: Some crazy experimental stuff”. In the search box next to ‘Search for a lab’ type Preview Pane. You should see listing of Preview Pane listing. “Provides a preview pane to read mail right next to your list of conversations, making mail reading faster and adding more context.”

3. Click to select Enable option next to Preview Pane and click Save Changes button at the bottom. Webpage will refresh and your default Gmail inbox will reload.

4. Now you should see new button option at top right part. Click to access various layout options for Gmail inbox among: No Split, Vertical Split and Horizontal Split. Click on either of option and check the changes in the layout.

Vertical Split will divide inbox window into 2 columns. While Horizontal Split will divide inbox layout into 2 rows. So from now on you have more options in layout style for Gmail inbox for quicker and easier email reading.

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