How to enable BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 7


BitLocker feature is an in-built feature of Windows 7 for encrypting entire drive partition. When BitLocker is enabled, all the stored data is in encrypted format. Hence, data is protected from hackers and other authorized access attempts. Please note, BitLocker feature is NOT available to all Windows 7 users. It is only available in Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7 operating system.

Turn ON & use BitLocker encryption on Windows 7

1. On your Windows 7 computer, goto Start and click Control Panel option. In the Control Panel window, select “small icons” from drop down box next to “view by” option.

2. Then click ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’option. If you have multiple drive partitions, you need to enable BitLocker feature for individual drive partitions separately.

3. Click on ‘Turn on BitLocker’option next to specific drive partition. You can select either of 3 methods to unlock drive encrypted using BitLocker feature.

4. In password option, you need string of characters used to access information on computer. You can use a password to unlock fixed data drives (such as internal hard drives) and removable data drives (such as external hard drives and USB flash drives).

5. Using Smart card to unlock encryption, you need to insert smart card and smart card pin will be used for unlocking. For starters: A smart card is a small plastic card containing a computer chip. Smart cards are generally issued by information technology (IT) departments in large companies.

To use a smart card, you also need a smart card reader a device that is installed in or connected to your computer and can read the information stored on a smart card.

6. You may also choose automatic unlocking option. Encrypted drives or partitions are automatically unlocked when you log on to Windows. This is convenient method, if you do like entering password or inserting smart card for unlocking drive partitions.

Once you select either method of BitLocker Drive encryption, proceed with on-screen instruction for configurational setup. Then click ‘Start Encryption’ to initiate encryption process on specific drive partition on your Windows 7 PC.

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