Open Gmail faster on slow speed internet connection


Browsing websites and checking emails on slow internet connection can be real pain. If you are using slow speed internet connection and want to check emails in Gmail account without hiccups – here are few easy ways to get going. For faster opening of Gmail account and viewing email messages – you can switch to minimalistic Gmail user interface. Due to simple interface, the overall downloading size is small and hence Gmail email account opens fast even on slow internet connection.

Ways to open Gmail account faster on slow internet

1. Use HTML version of Gmail to open your email account faster on slow internet connection. Instead of using for account login, use as login URL for opening Gmail account in basic HTML view. It is a stripped down version which has smaller downloading size and hence loads faster even on slow connection.

You can open, view and send emails like usual in HTML version of Gmail. However, few elements will be missing in HTML version Gmail. This includes: Chat, Spell checker, Keyboard shortcuts, Ability to manage filters, Adding, editing, importing, or deleting contacts, Custom ‘From:’ addresses and Rich formatting.

2. Use Mobile version of Gmail for even more minimalistic and simple access to emails on your Gmail account. Use URL to open Gmail account in mobile version. It displays list of email messages in a simple manner for very quick access in slow speed internet connectivity environment.

Once you have good internet connection speed, you can switch back to default full featured Gmail account access at website URL. Above methods can be real savers when you want to check some important email(s) but the internet connectivity is very slow.

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