Rotate photos on Windows 7 with keyboard shortcut


Just copied favorite images from digital camera to PC and now do you want to rotate these photos to different orientation or direction? Windows 7 users can easily rotate photos without need install any specific plugin or software program. Use in built feature of image rotation feature in Windows Photo Viewer program to rotate photos in any direction. Best part, besides the good old way of using mouse Рyou can even rotate photo quickly using keyboard shortcut hotkeys.

Rotate image direction with mouse on Windows 7

1. Open folder containing photos that you want to rotate. Right click on the specific photo and then click ‘Rotate Clockwise’ option to rotate image clockwise. Select ‘Rotate Counter Clockwise’ option to rotate image in anti-clockwise direction.

2. You can also rotate and preview photo side by side using rotate button. For this, double click on photo to open in Windows Photos Viewer program on Windows 7 PC.

3. Then click Rotate clockwise or counter clockwise button at bottom right side. This will rotate photo real time and photo is automatically saved with rotation orientation of your choice.

Rotate image direction with keyboard shortcuts

1. Open folder containing photos and then double click photo to open it. Preview of specific image will open in Windows Photo viewer program.

2. Then use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + . keys for clockwise rotation and Ctrl + , keys for anti-clockwise rotation of the photo. This shortcut key for sure comes handy to quickly rotate images on Windows 7 computer.

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