How to report problem with Google Chrome


Google Chrome is a free web browser software from Google. It is getting popular among computer users and many use Google Chrome as default browser. Google continuously release new version updates of Chrome browser. These updates are done to fix existing bugs and errors. Also, new features like Instant Pages are introduced with release of new Google Chrome version.

Inform Google about issue with Google Chrome

While using Google Chrome browser you may encounter a bug or error. If you believe this error is due to Google Chrome browser and not specific website you are trying to open in Chrome browser – you can report same to Google along with screenshot for possible fix in next Chrome update.

1. Launch Google Chrome browser and open website or recreate issue you are facing in the current Chrome tab – so that Chrome browser can capture current screenshot and submit it along with your descriptive problem report.

2. In Google Chrome, click Wrench icon at top right and then goto Tools > Report an isssue… option. This will open Feedback screen with ‘Woops. Let’s fix that’ title.

3. Get started by selecting type of problem from drop down box under ‘Where are you having problems?’. Problem areas may include: page layout, page formatting, plugins, tabs, preference syncing, crashes and so on.

4. Then type descriptive details of problem you are facing while using Google Chrome browser under text box with title “Tell us what is happening”.

5. Click to check (or uncheck) include this URL and include this screenshot options. Once you have entered all details, click Send feedback button to submit problem information. Google will definitely look into reported issue but they will not contact you with reply or follow up.

If you want answer to specific problem with Google Chrome browser, then goto Chrome support forum. Here you can browse listing of existing problems other users are facing. Alternatively, you can create new post reporting your problem and expect to get answer from other members of the support forum.

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  1. Manish Ranabhat says:


    Right so currently for the past couple of days I haven’t been able to use Facebook with Google Chrome.

    This is what happens,

    The Login page for Facebook is fine and load properly:
    Its once I am logged onto Facebook that the trouble starts.
    The Home Page doesnt load. (Only the Top Menu Bar ” Home Profile Account” loads and the bottom menu loads ” About, Advertising, Mobile, Help Center etc… ” )
    Its like someone cut the whole middle of the page out.
    My Profile page wont load, Home Page wont load, Messages and so on….

    I have Google Chrome Version: (42898)
    Restarted laptop, etc… And still doesn’t work.
    My OS is Windows 7
    I have the Beautify Facebook extension installed, but that doesn’t cause the problem as I disabled it and tried loading the site.

    It works fine on FireFox, and Internet Explorer, But They are so crap compared to GC.

  2. Thank you for the tip. Buried too deep in the menus to my liking. Should be accessible in the right-click context menu IMO.

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